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Cyber laboratory deals with all type of forensics servicesrelated to any sort of cyber-crime, digital devices (such as computer, laptops,android devices, smart and basic phones, hard disks, CCTV cameras, etc.), andall sort digital media. The majors tasks performed are identification offorgeries and authentication of audio, video and image files, enhancement ofaudio recordings and video files, extraction of video from cctv devices,transcription of audio of different languages, speaker identification, datarecovery from different storage devices, recovery of calls, contacts, messagesand media files from mobile phones, whatsapp recovery, cloning of hard drives,and other cyber services, etc.

Our well-qualified and experienced experts work for thecompletion of the tasks with utmost dedication. With their expertise, followingstandard protocols, our experts analyse cases carefully and provide theirunbiased opinion and forensic report.

We at Sherlockinstitute of forensic science retrieve, enhance and investigate numerous digitalevidence such as audio, video, messages and images. The investigation process startswith extraction of data from given device, if the data is already available,direct examination or analysis is done.

Unlike otherkind of evidence these digital evidence provide real-time witness account of crime.As, in today’s world digital devices are everywhere which usually brings outclear picture of what has occurred. This helps investigators, lawyers andjurors a clear view of how to conduct their duties.

Our lab aims at attaining best of results byperforming various examination for law enforcement and for private clients. Inorder to do so, we have equipped our lab with latest softwares and best ofexperts from all across- the country. Enabling our laboratory with best ofminds, to get the result quickly and efficiently.

Audio Verification

Our organization provides services of Audio Verification whichincludes examination of the audio recordings for the presence of tampering oraddition or deletion from the original file with audio enhancement (ifrequired). Audio may be recorded in mobile phones, sound recorder, microphones,etc. Experts examine the recordings thoroughly by using scientific tools andtechniques and give an opinion whether the recordings are genuine or tampered.The exact timings where the tampering is present are also mentioned in thereport.

Video Verification

Our organization provides services of Video Verification whichincludes examination of the video recordings for the presence of tampering oraddition or deletion from the original file with video enhancement (ifrequired). Video may be recorded in CCTV camera, Spy camera, mobile phones,etc. Experts examine the recordings thoroughly by using scientific tools andtechniques and give an opinion whether the recordings are genuine or tampered.The exact timings where the tampering is present are also mentioned in thereport.

Audio/Video Transcript

Our Organization deals with the transcription of audio andvideo file which include the dialogue along with stutters, false starts andsounds. Experts listen to the audio and video samples carefully at differentlevels and write exactly what they listen.

Speaker Identification/Voice Matching Analysis

Our organization provides the services of SpeakerIdentification which includes comparison between the Questioned and SpecimenVoice sample, identification of the person’s voice, comparison between twounknown voice samples, etc. Experts examine the questioned voice sample withthe specimen voice sample of suspected person by using voice analysis tool,spectrographic analysis and also provides opinion on the basis of analysisperformed.

Photograph Verification

Organization provides service of Photograph Verification whichincludes the examination/verification for the presence of doctoring/tamperingand any manipulation from the original one. They play an important role in themany cases like Extra Marital Affair case, document verification, Fraud Case,Manipulation in ID cards and other digital evidences. Our Experts examine thephotographs by using scientific methods and techniques. The photograph samplesare examined by finding out the exact pixel to pixel formation of thephotograph and found that the submitted photograph sample is genuine.

Photograph Recognition/Face Matching

SIFS provides the service of Photograph Recognition/PhotographMatching including the various cases like property will, Fraud cases, ID Cardsetc. Our expert is analyze thoroughly and verify that the provided photographsamples are of same person or not.

Mobile Forensic Investigation

Services of Mobile Forensics include mobile data extraction,deleted data recovery, WhatsApp data extraction, mobile data indexing and muchmore. Expert extract the data from the electronic evidence like Mobile Phones,Computer, Optical Media, Hard Disk, USB Flash Drive, Digital Camera etc. Ourexperts use leading mobile forensic tools for data extraction and recovery andprovide a detailed report of analysis. They also provide opinion if any linkcan be establish between the crime and the accused. The extracted/deleted datais provided in storage media.

Email Verification

Our organization provides the service of Email verificationwhich includes the verification for the presence of legitimate/modified fromthe original one. It can be very helpful in civil or criminal cases. Ourorganization can help you to prove the authenticity of the emails. Expertanalyze the submitted emails by using scientific parameters and give an opinionthe provided emails are genuine or fake.

Encase: Encase iscomputer forensics tool provided by the Guidance Software, which istraditionally used for recovering evidence from seized hard drives. It allowsin depth analysis to collect evidences such as search history, pictures,windows registry and documents, etc. It is also used for forensic Imaging.

Cellebrite UFED: UniversalForensic Extraction Device (UFED) is a data extraction tool provided by anIsraeli company Cellebrite. It uses an integrated SIM and directly extractsdata onto an SD card or flash drive. It can break codes, decipher encryptedinformation and can also acquire hidden and deleted data. It maintains theintegrity of digital evidence.

Write Blocker: WrightBloker is a tool give gives read-only access to data storage devices withoutcompromising its integrity. It may a hardware or software tool. We can extract,analyse and control data from the storage device without altering anddestroying data present in the device. It denies writes to the storage devices.

Data Recovery Tool: Datarecovery tools are used to recover lost, corrupted, damaged or deleted datafrom the devices. Most often the data is retrieved from USB drives, HHDs, SSDs,CDs, DVDs and other such electronic systems. For this process various datarecovery tools are used such as Recuva, Stellar Recovery, MiniTool PartitionRecovery, etc.

Mobile Forensic Tools: Mobile forensic tools are used for dataacquisition from the mobile devices and their associated media. Data can begathered through Logical extraction as well as Physical extraction. Data thatcollected from a mobile device includes call records, contacts, images, audios,videos, WhatsApp chats, emails, etc. Some of tools most commonly used toolsinclude MobiKin, MobilEdit, Oxygen Forensic, etc.