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SketchCop® Solutions has teamed with TheSherlock Institute of Forensic Science to establish India’s first forensicfacial imaging laboratory. Our industry-leading laboratory is well-equipped toplay a significant role in how Indian law enforcement and select organizationsutilize modern forensic facial imaging technology to combat crime and identifydangerous criminals.

The laboratory will be directed by (Ret.) Police Sergeant MichaelW. Streed, CFA. Michael is a Certified Forensic Artist and is one of theworld’s most experienced forensic facial imaging experts. In addition to his extensivelaw enforcement background, he is also an author, trainer and belongs toseveral international forensic and investigative organizations.

Because crime does not recognize borders, we invite other globallaw enforcement and select organizations, outside of India, to contact us withtheir forensic facial imaging requests.

After reviewing our services, we hope that you’ll consider makingour forensic facial imaging laboratory an important part of your investigativestrategy.

Wepromote a digital workflow solution to process visual evidence. This includesworking with eyewitnesses to create suspect images using digital tools. Whilethere are forensic organizations that continue to work towards creating aunified set of standards and guidelines for processing forensic facial images;much of the work remains subjective and is guided by the experience and ethicsof the forensic facial imaging expert.

Ourlaboratory treats every image and digital facial composite as a traditionalpiece of evidence, just like any law enforcement professional would treat afingerprint, biological sample, toolmark, tire/shoe print, etc.

Thegoal of our forensic facial imaging laboratory is to help law enforcementinvestigators reduce their investigative cycle times. To accomplish our goalrequires that we become part of a multi-disciplinary investigative team thatadheres to a rigorous set of standards as they are developed by professionalforensic organizations and the legal community.

  • Digital Facial Composites – Facial images ofsuspects as described by eyewitnesses or viewed on CCTV videos/still images. Investigators may request a traditional facial composite hand-drawn by a forensic artist using digital tools/software. Those want their own software-driven solution may purchase SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software and receive training.
  • Postmortem Facial Imaging –Using 3D laser scans, or CT scans, our forensic artist can create a 3-D digitalsculpting similar to traditional clay busts. Or, they can use an aligned skullphotograph to create a 2-D facial reconstruction by employingphoto/illustration techniques. Cleaned up/media ready images of unidentified remains with facial trauma/disfigurement can be brought to life using photo/illustration techniques.
  • Age Progressions/Regressions – Using scientific information about growth, our forensic artistcan create age progressed/regressed photographs of long-term missing childrenand adults, as well as fugitives from justice.
  • 1-to-1 Face Comparison & Analysis – By examining the morphological features of a knownindividual versus and unknown person, our forensic artist is able to make anassessment about their probable identity.  

  • Facial Image Editing – When a criminal alterstheir appearance by growing longer hair, shaving their head, growing/shavingfacial hair or using some other form of disguise, our forensic artist canupdate previous mugshots, government ID’s or other miscellaneous photographs.

If you don’t see your request on the list, please contact us and we’ll be glad to provide you with excellent service.

Wehave equipped our laboratory with cutting-edge technology to help ensure thebest possible outcome for your investigation.


  • HP Z420 Desktop PC – Equipped for 3Dworkflow
  • 3D Systems Phantom Haptic Device
  • 22" Wacom Cintiq
  • Wacom Cintiq Companion
  • Wacom One
  • iPad Pro

FacialIllustration Software Digital Facial Composites/Age Progression-Regression/Facial Image Editing

  • SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software
  • Sketchbook® Pro
  • Corel® Painter 2020
  • Corel® Painter Elements
  • Adobe Photoshop 2020 CC
  • Corel ® Paintshop Pro
  • PortraitPro Studio

PostmortemImaging SoftwareFacialReconstruction/Postmortem Imaging

  • OsiriX Dicom Reader
  • Geomagic Freeform Plus
  • Zbrush 2020
  • Cinema4D
  • Adobe® Photoshop Elements

FacialImaging/Analysis Software1-to-1 Face Comparison & Analysis

  • ForensicaGPS Facial Comparison/Analysis Software
  • ForensicaGPS Pose Correction/Facial Recognition
  • Adobe Photoshop 2020 CC

Client Consulting – Client Communication & Training

  • ZOOM Online Meeting Platform
  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Sanag Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Logitech 922C Web Camera