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Key forensics laboratory deals with examination of keys andascertain the marks of usage and tool marks over them for insurance company'stheft claims. The major tasks performed are determination of originality of thekeys, estimating the usage of the key, match the different keys forsimilarities, etc.

Ourwell-qualified and experienced team of experts work for the completion of thetasks with utmost dedication. They are trained to distinguish the genuine andfake keys. With their expertise, following standard protocols, our expertsanalyse cases carefully and provide their unbiased opinion and forensic report.

Key forensicinvestigation is exclusive service that Sherlock Institute of Forensic Scienceprovides in India, it was established with the aim to provide assistance toclients such as insurance companies in order to differentiate betweenfraudulent claims and genuine claim. While there are many organizationsproviding conventional services, we aim at diversifying our reach. 

Our lab hasstrict protocols regarding key examination, we use best of tools forcomparative study and each any every finding is based on established facts.Utmost importance is given to time management and report writing procedure, asthese cases are time dependent.

The goal of our key forensic department is toprovide information achieved after authentically verified, well researched andproperly examined process. As, it helps investigators and special investigationunits of insurance companies and law enforcement agency to help investigate.

DETERMINATIONOF ORIGINALITY OF THE KEYS – It involves the identifying whether the keys are original orduplicate/ not issued by the manufacturer. This is done by checking the keysfor wear and tear and tool marks over them and examining the metal quality usedin the manufacturing of the key/s. Keys are even verified by the manufacturingcompany.

CHECKINGTHE USAGE OF THE KEY – It involves determination of approximate usage of the keysin terms of days/months/year used by the owner/ user of the vehicle byidentifying the striation marks formed on the key surface due to insertion ofthe key in the door and ignition lock.

MATCHING DIFFERENT KEYS – It involves the identificationof the similarities or dissimilarities among the keys to check whether they belongsto a same lock or not. This is done by identifying the blade pattern, number ofgrooves and other characteristics of the key.  

DIGITALPOCKET SCALE – It is a pocket sized digital measuring scale, used to weighthe key/s.

DIGITALVERNIER CALIPERS – It consist of a main scale and sliding vernier scale, usedin the laboratory to measure the width and breadth of the bow, length and otherdimensions of key/s.

DIGITALSCREW GAUGE – It a digital equipment employed for the accurate measurementof length and width of the bow and width of the shoulder of the key/s.

COMPARISONMICROSCOPE – It is a combination of two compound microscope,incorporating into one unit in such a way that the side by side comparison of twospecimen can be made for the presence of striations or wear and tear marks onthem, at same time.

MISCOPE – It is a small, portable microscope, used toexamine the minute striations marks and other intentional/ unintentional marks,which are not visible by the naked eye. It also has a camera attached to it,which is used to take images for the record.