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About Us

About Us

SIFS India is the leading private forensic Science laboratory in India, experts in countless forensic services comprising crime investigation, cybercrime, Training. Cyber forensic services, DNA test, Lie-Detection, cyber crime investigation, data security and recovery, network security, ethical hacking service, Insurance fraud scam, signature and handwriting examination etc. SIFS is registered with Govt of India and an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization known to premier class forensic services across the country, we have skilled forensic experts who have solve done several civil crime cases, unique cases and given opinion on complex cases in the respected courts all over Indiad

Why need for private forensic organizations?

India is the second largest democracy of the world so the crime in India taking place every day as compare to crime the legal and justice system is totally unable to provide proper and speedy justice, lacs of people facing unusual delays in justice delivering according to a report nearly 30 million cases are pending in Indian courts it means a common man is badly affected. Keeping in mind SIFS India takes initiative and trying to bridge gap so as to no more injustice lead to one more crime. Suppose to be a report unusual interruption leads to increase in crime rates

We have team of qualified forensic experts, who have helped to solve many complex cases and given their expert views on various cases of India and abroad. Forensic Science is the application of science to law. it assistances in the delivery of Justice by prompting truth by scientific evaluation of physical evidence usually encountered in many civil, criminal, cybercrime, and statutory cases. It works along with polish and indirectly help the police and courts by producing fact and evidence on the basis of investigation There is an acute shortage for skilled forensic expert and scientists throughout the country. Today the country has 29 states and 7 union territories the only 4 central forensic science labs in New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chandigarh and 30 DNA forensic labs while China has around 300 so, clearly huge room for capacity and forensic capability here to avoid unusual delay in justice.

The country needs more than 1,100 forensic DNA experts to tackle the growing criminal cases, noted the Committee on Empowerment of Women in its report titled Victims of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking and Their Rehabilitation. There are 2000 cases pending in Forensic Lab Delhi Alone, one can imagine how much will be in whole country, DNA profiling is a significant evidence to fill a charge sheet in rape cases and any delay in it will lead to delay in justice to the victim, India is facing unprecedented shortage of skilled cyber experts and cyber tools to tackle cyber cases rapidly, indeed, Indian police even do not know how to solve and which tool to be used due to lack of awareness and unavailability of tools and proper training and most of the time police not aware correct tool/ software that need to be used. Thereby, Cyber forensic facility in India is inadequate right now, we have to cover long way to bridge this gap shortly

New challenges in Cyber forensic security is Botnets, phishing, cloud computing, cloud forensics, VoIP (voice over IP). Data Security Council of India has opened eight Cyber labs to train police officials that are again inadequate for bring down cyber cases, because of, crime are being committed from smart phones, mobile, cloud computing, network/server hacking and open Wi-Fi hotspots

Various Crime took place every day in India: 93 women raped every day in India (according to NCRB report), Maximum number of murder cases in the world, Highest number of cybercrimes cases in India (online cheating, phishing, money withdrawal, fake MMS, password / website hacking)

Many public sector units like Banks, Police, Courts, Consumer Forums, MNC companies who have to depend upon to Forensic services for many disputed cases, they have to wait for the forensic reports from central forensic Labs for several months that lead to unusual delay in legal justice system

After having acute shortage of forensic labs in India govt. is not taking any proactive steps to motivate and financial support to forensic entrepreneurs for mutual understanding through public private partnership to establish super-specialty forensic labs to ease down growing pending cases Forensic Labs, lead to delay in Courts due to reports so, the presence of Private forensic lab will bridge the huge gap and increase healthy competition in this field with quality services without unwanted delay, at SIFS INDIA have facilities such as the narco-analysis tests, polygraph, DNA profiling, cyber forensic, tape authentication, Audio/Video examination, brain signature profiling, speaker/voice identification, firing gallery, Ballistics, Handwriting, latent fingerprint examination and forensic clinical toxicology.

    1. Forensic Education- Department of Education- SIFS INDIA provides various Forensic Science Courses in the fields of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation. These courses provide you advantages for the development of your career in the fields of Private Forensic Investigation, Banks, Police Departments, Detective agency, IT industries, IB, CBI and many more..
    To know more about the courses visit our Educational site

    2. Forensic Investigation- Department of Forensic Investigation- SIFS INDIA provides experts Opinions Under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act on-
    Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis,
    Signature Frauds and Forgery Detections,
    Fingerprints verification,
    Fingerprint chart/card for Visa and Immigration,
    Forensic Expert Opinon on Forged Documents,
    Paper/Document Age Analysis,
    Burned Document Analysis, Charred Documents Analysis,
    Cross Examination of experts on various topics of Forensic Science,
    Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Data Recovery,
    Email Tracing and Email Tracking, IP Details Tracing,
    Expert Testimony, Expert Consultation, Medico Legal Consultation,
    Legal Consultancy and many more...

    3. Forensic Training- Department of Training and Reseach is equiped with all standard equipment used in Forensic Investigation. Under this Department, SIFS INDIA provides training for the Students, Advocates, IT Professionals, Police, Govt. and Private Security Agencies in the verious fields of the Forensic Science Investigation such as Fingerprint Identification and Developement, Handwriting Analysis, Cyber Investigation, Forensic Biology and many more.....

    4. Forensic Internship-Department of Training and Reseach- SIFS INDIA provides Internship for the Forensic Students, Advocates, IT Professional, Other Science Students and Private Security Agencies in the several fields of the Forensic Science Investigation such as Project Development, Fingerprint Identification, Handwriting Analysis, Questioned Documents, Cyber Investigation, Forensic Biology and many more.....

      5. Forensic Research- Department of Research- SIFS INDIA gives oppurtunity to students to complete their Projects under the Guidance of various Forensic Experts of India. These pieces research give chance to students to publish their articles in Our Magazine "Forensic Facts

      6. Security Services- SIFS INDIA- Department of Security Services provides security measures for the multinational companies, security agencies and Private clients.
      SIFS INDIA- Department of Security Services provides following services:-
      Employee Verification by Scientific measurement (Anthropometric Measurements)
      Preparation of Fingerprint Charts
      Preparation of Handwriting sample cards and Signature Database with the unique features
      Employee Address verification and Background Check up
      Preventing credit/debit card fraud
      Online Safety Tips to prevent Orkut and Facebook Crime
      Computer Security and hacking

      7. Scientific Equipment Department- SIFS INDIA- Department of Scientific Equipment Services provides many Forensic Equipment and tools used in the Forensic Investigation in Forensic Laboratories, Private Investigators, multinational companies, security agencies and Private clients.

      SIFS INDIA also provides services like- Forensic Science Standardization,
      Forensic Science Education,
      Forensic Publications,
      Forensic Research and Training,
      Legal Consultancy, Crime Investigation and Prevention,
      Biometrics, Industrial and Domestic Security,
      Cyber Security, Network Security,
      Forensic Awareness Programmes,
      Forensic Science Research and Development of Forensic Science and many more..

      Motives behind Crime Greed
      Desire to access forbidden information
      Destructive mindset
      Wants to sell n/w security services
      The Internet is being widely used by its abusers to reach and abuse children sexually, worldwide. The internet is very fast becoming a household commodity in India. IT explosion has made children easy victims to the cyber crime. As more homes have access to internet, more children would be using the internet and more are the chances of falling victim to the aggression of pedophiles.
      The Opinions and Reports of SIFS INDIA Experts are acceptable in all courts in India and abroad (In India- U/S 45 of Indian Evidence Act) and Our Educational Courses Certificates are legally valid.