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Department of certificate and document verification provides experts scientific services to verify the authenticity of submitted documents and certificate of students during the admission time in various schools and colleges, we employ our forensic methods to verify authenticity in terms of paper ink, age, printer quality, signature, photo verification along with students and employee name, DOB, father name, mother name, school, university enrollment verification, course duration, year of passing, course code and college id card number and many more. To make fake admission almost impossible in eminent education institutes for frauds Reports not available for: Ink Age, Paper Age, Age of Writing, Voice Matching etc... You can submit your case either by email ( or by visiting our lab, SIFS INDIA Pvt Ltd. If there is a need to do the photography of the document which are present in the court then our expert will visit to the court for the photography. After that the further process of making the report will continue. We also get the cases directly from the Court.

    certifcate verification
    Certificate Verification Services

    This service we provide for the schools, colleges and university during admission time, when the certificate is submitted during the admission procedure then it is required to verify its authenticity which can be done by the standard scientific methods by forensic expert team. Verification of genuine and fake certificate Examination of the security features present in certificate Examination of certificate under Ultra violet, Infra-Red and transmitted light Verification of certificate from the issuing authority Verification of Stamp/Seal present of certificates Verification of signature present on certificate Examination of paper quality of certificate Examination of hologram Examination of security pattern and embossing

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