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Department of Forensic Investigation provides experts Opinions Under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act on- Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds and Forgery Detections, Fingerprint for FBI FD 258 Fingerprints Verification, Fingerprint Chart/Card for Visa and Immigration, Forensic Expert Opinon on Forged Documents, Paper/Document Age Analysis, Burned Document Analysis, Charred Documents Analysis, Cross Examination of experts on various topics of Forensic Science, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crimes, Data Recovery, Email Tracing and Email Tracking, IP Details Tracing, Expert Testimony, Expert Consultation, Medico Legal Consultation, Legal Consultancy and many more...

    INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENTS Achieve success in every assignment to the complete satisfaction of the client, even if it goes beyond the brief.SIFS INDIA - Department of Investigation, provides, wide range of Investigation services such as, Fingerprint Analysis, Handwriting Verification, Questioned Document Analysis, Cyber Forensics, Forensic Biology, Forensic Toxicology, etc. many more….. SIFS INDIA have a team of Qualified Forensic Experts, who has solved and given opinion on many of cases like- Questioned Document examination and reporting for court Handwriting analysis, Signature verification, Fingerprint development and comparison, Fraud detection, Document Forgeries, signatures comparison, Fraudulent additions, deletions and alterations, Anonymous letters report, Fingerprint fraud detection, Fingerprint for Visa/ Immigration purpose, FBI-FD-258 Employee background checkup and verification, Various Security Cards Preparation etc. We examine, photograph, paper of property. Conducting a CSI type of investigation, we will provide clients with a report of the cause of the failure, as well as litigation support, deposition, and courtroom testimony if necessary. The SIFS INDIA Professional Forensic Investigation Services framework is based on a six-step process: Determination of investigation scope and authority > Creation of Investigative plan > Forensic acquisition of Electronic data > Strict chain-of-custody management > Forensic analysis of acquired data > Reporting and follow-up for Courtroom .

    FORENSIC RESEARCH DEPARTMENT A new forensic research facility being developed at SIFS Department of Research and Training. It will help prepare students for career in forensics, enhance the skills of law enforcement officials, and assist local police and other departments crime scene investigations. The facility, only the one of its kind in the SIFS Department of Research and Training, is part of SIFS growing academic programs in various field of forensic science. SIFS Department of Research and Training offers Reseach Project Work on request in the various field of Forensic Sciences, such as………….. Crime Scene Investigation Forensic Anthropology Forensic Biology Forensic Toxicology Forensic Ballastics Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Fingerprint Analysis and Verification Handwriting/ Questioned Document Examination Cyber Forensics and Digital Crimes, Web Designing Web Security Forensic Graphology and many more.

    FORENSIC SECURITY DEPARTMENT SIFS Department of Security Services provides security measures for the multinational companies, security agencies and Private clients. Many of the security services taking advantages of the SIFS INDIA security services. All these services help in providing the outsatnding security services through out period of security time. We are taking authentic measurements and preparing report which is storage in three form, one with your agency, second with the Police Station and last with our organisation. Security services help in the following cases:- Insurance Claims Pre & Post Matrimonial Divorce Case Missing Person Theft Burglaries Under-cover Agent Pre & Post Employment Asset Verification Credit Worthiness & Due Diligence Litigation Support Financial Status Investigation Infringement of Trade Marks, Patents & Copyrights Loss of Goods in Transit Verifying Bonafides of Visa Seekers

    FORENSIC EQUIPMENTS DEPARTMENT SIFS Department of Scientific Equipments has branched out from what used to be an elective in progressive forensic labs to a core part of the investigation curriculum in many elementary, middle, and high cases. Our forensic science product line includes everything you'll need for all levels of crime fighting activities. We have tested kits that can be used to span an entire work. We also provide tarining in fingerprint identification and reconstruction of a face from a skull and learn hands-on how current day forensic scientist and investigators develope and compare fingerprint and generate facial reconstruction models. We offer forensic kits that provide enough materials to stage your own crime scene and the necessary detective equipment to solve the case. Safely learn about blood typing in your science classroom by using our artificial blood typing kit, or prove how much can be discovered with the right tools by using our pocket UV light. Use real fingerprinting technology with our Zephyr Brush, dusting powder, and Standard FBI Applicant Fingerprint Cards. SIFS Department of Scientific Equipments provides the wide range of equipments which are used in the forensic science and other field of sciences…. The forensic scientific equipment is vast with a number of sectors and sub sectors under it as used in crime investigaation. Almost every activity in this domain is subjected to tests, collection of datas, etc. which aids in effective research and result. These are done with the usage of specific scientific instruments, applicable as per the research or testing involved. Apparatus or equipment used to collect datas fall under the category of scientific instruments. Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of scientific instruments, microscopes, laboratory testing equipment/ instruments and scientific educational equipments from India offer high quality and reasonably priced scientific instruments to the domestic and international markets. The range of laboratory equipments made in India include glass and porcelain laboratory instruments such as diluters, evaporators, electronic balances, centrifuge products, test tubes, filtration units, petri dishes and gloves.