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Our Associates

    Dr. Ranjeet Singh

    M. Sc. , Ph.D., PGCF.Sc., D.F.Sc. He is an expert in Fingerprint and Questioned Document sections of Forensic Science. He holds an eminent qualification and experience in his field of expertise. Basically, being a student of the University of Delhi, India; he has completed his training under the guidance and mentorship of renowned Anthropologists Prof. M. P. Sachdeva and distinguished Experts of Central Forensic Science Laboratory. He has many national and international papers published on his name. He has been into the arena of Forensic since 2005 and till date. He has given his expertise opinion in about more than 700 cases.

    Niharika Mishra

    M.Sc. (P) B. Sc., PGD F.Sc. She is a graduate in Forensic Science from Amity University, and currently pursuing her Masters in Forensic. Her enthusiasm and passion towards this field is so great that she dedicates her services without any time boundaries. Expertise in Forensic Toxicology, Poison analysis, Forensic Biology, Questioned Document Examination & Finger Print Examination

    Ramandeep Singh

    MS (Information Security), B. Tech, CEH Cybersecurity researcher and certified ethical hacker with experience in cyber-defense, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, digital forensics and crime scene investigation for electronic evidence. Worked with the various law enforcement agencies in India and trained police officers to use computer forensics tools like Falcon, Encase, UFED Touch and Access Dataís Forensic Toolkit. Testified as an expert witness in court for numerous cases.