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Our Associates

    Dr. Bernard Leddy

    B. Pharm (Hons) M.Sc., Ph.D. M.R.Pharm.S (GB), M.R Well known Forensic Scientist from Ireland. Certification in Addiction Studies, Waterford Institute of Technology. Council Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland 2005-2011. Member of the Health (Fitness to Practice) Committee 2009 to Date. He have written numerous articles on the issue of Drug and alcohol abuse within the Pharmacy Profession and adjudicated in Health Committee decisions affecting Pharmacists with impaired practice due to drug and alcohol dependency.

    Dr. Abbas Aidi

    M. Sc. , Ph.D., D.F.Sc. He is world renowned Forensic Accountant from Nigeria, Vice President, MCFOSTER SOLUTIONS LIMITED, DG/CEO Forensic Digital Examiners Association He use professional accounting skills in matters involving potential or actual civil or criminal litigation, including, but not limited to, generally acceptable accounting and audit principles; the determination of lost profits, income, assets, or damages; evaluation of internal controls; fraud; and any other matter involving accounting expertise in the legal system.

    Kerry Ann Milic

    BSc (hons), MSc, PGCert, FHEA, FRAI, Cert FA-III, MCSFS, PhD Cand A forensic anthropologist and disaster management specialist. Research includes new methods of human identification and population specific standards for age estimation. Previously Senior Forensic Anthropologist for the International Commission on Missing Persons, BiH and Senior Lecturer in Forensic Biology, currently external examiner for various UK Universities, Assessor for CSoFS, Associate for Kenyon International Emergency Services and Owner of ForensicDVI.

    Elena Dragomir

    B.Sc (Biology), M.Sc (FS) ,Ph.D., Bucharest, Romania A Romanian by nationality, holds an immense knowledge and experience in cases related to Preliminary Analysis, DNA extraction, DNA quantification, PCR amplification, capillary electrophoresis and results interpretation. Additionally, she holds years of experience in Crime Scene Investigation, for a protocolled sequential collection and preservation of biological samples. She has years of experience as Medical Assistant at the Biochemistry Laboratory of the National Institute of Endocrinology at Bucharest, Romania. Currently, she is employed as an Expert Biologist in the DNA Investigation Department at the National Forensic Science Institute of Romanian Police.

    Pet Paul Wepeba

    B.Sc (Hons.) (MLT), M.Sc (FS) Anglia Ruskin University, UK Forensic Science Consultant with a lot of rich experience in Ghana and overseas. He is the first and only Ghanaian to have won a first prize in an International Forensic Science Conference with his research entitled “the effect of high temperature on latent fingerprint and DNA recovery” in 2012. He has been a part of 3rd International Conference on Legal Medicine, Medical Negligence and Litigation in Medical Practice and 3rd International Conference on Current Trends in Forensic Sciences, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. The company has now grown through consultants with years of experience and training all over the globe and a huge network of national and international, skilled professionals.

    Ana Radulescu

    B.Sc (Biochemistry), M.Sc (FS) , University, Bucharest, Romania Ana Radulescu is a Romanian Forensic Expert possessing expertise and technical skills in handling fragile biological samples and equipment efficiently, used in the DNA extraction, quantification and PCR amplification. She holds a considerable work experience in the field of Bio-forensics and DNA Identification. Presently, she works as Forensic Specialist in the DNA Identification Department in the National Forensic Science Institute of Romanian Police. She has a distinguished proficiency in paternity analysis, missing person identification, preparing samples and reagents, recording and interpreting results with a thorough knowledge of DNA sampling, DNA quantification, PCR amplification (manually and automatically), DNA detection by capillary electrophoresis and genotyping.

    Roseanne Leddy

    Graduated in Nursing from St. John’s Central College Cork, PG Diploma Forensic Science Being a nurse by profession, Roseanne Leddy has rich experience in handling and taking care of the victims and perpetrators of various crimes while attempting to collect forensic evidences on the grounds of legal system. Her services to the mankind has earned her the unusual skills and techniques, employed to boost the morale of the victims of certain heinous crimes.