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Fingerprinting department is quiet imperative to development of latent prints for finger, foot marks it is normally does for identification of unclaimed deceased body found by police. This is carried out in hospitals, at the crime site with the help of necessary tool kit and chemicals in forensic lab, fingerprints, still this is powerful and exclusive method to collect proof, because fingerprint of human never changed.
Unlike other identification way, fingerprinting is the most common, fast and useful for the identification of unknown person after development of latent fingerprint can be valuable in connection of person whether it was present or not at the crime scene. Latent fingerprint is method is achieving with the help of chemical, physical and optical methods in fully furnished lab with additional safety and security for specialists who does this in lab such as bearing, glove, mask, eye protection, respiration along with proper procedures. Fingerprints originate at crime scenes or developed in the lab are categorized under patent, latent, or plastic impressions normally.
Reports not available for: Ink Age, Paper Age, Age of Writing, Voice Matching etc... You can submit your case either by email ( or by visiting our lab, SIFS INDIA Pvt Ltd. If there is a need to do the photography of the document which are present in the court then our expert will visit to the court for the photography. After that the further process of making the report will continue. We also get the cases directly from the Court.

    development fingerprints Fingerprint Development

    Our organisation provides the services of fingerprint (invisible or partial) development through various techniques i.e. powder method and chemical method from various surfaces as its collection and development plays an important role in case of crime scene. Lifting of fingerprints from crime scene Examination of fingerprints on crime scene Development of invisible or partially visible fingerprints Development of fingerprints from objects or documents Development of fingerprints from photographs Lifting Fingerprints, footprint from Scratches, glasses, surface Examination of fingerprint Development of fingerprint from paper

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