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Our organisation deals with the various fields of Cyber Forensic Investigation in order to help the persons in solving their cases which include mobile theft, e-mail tracking, deleted data recovery and can assist them so that they can remain protected from the crime in the future.

·         Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter) Crime Investigation

·         Cyber Forensic, data collection from Crime Scene

·         E-mail Tracking

·         Deleted data recovery

·         Formatted disk recovery

·         Hard disk imaging

·         Target (Child, Spouse, Vehicle) tracking


Cell phone and mobile investigation at SIFS India are done with through call data analysis, data recovery and extraction from devices, call detail examination, voice recognition, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp.

Our cyber lab is well prepared with all those tools that require for phone analysis such as FRED, FREDDY, Talon, Cellebrite, Cell Deck and other hardwares and softwares for the scrutiny of digital data from Micro SD card, memory, SIM cards, pen drives, mobile phones, iphones, ipads etc provide valued information to solve many crimes relate to cell phones.

Our organisation deals with various Mobile Forensic Investigation that includes the various examination of the phone regarding the data misuse like: Internet banking investigation, Software piracy, fake call, and email investiagtion, Android/ Window phone OS investigation etc.

Fake website scams

Internet Crime Investigation

Cyber forensic security

Asset tracing and recovery

Evidence recovery

Net, Phone banking investigation

Software piracy,

WhatsApp message verification

Windows, Android phone

Forensics investigation Call, SMS, MMS details Examination

Crime Investigation by Mobiles,

Email Leak investigation

Webcam scams, Net banking, Phone Banking Analysis

Advice on cybercrime cases

Many software.