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Our Fingerprint section of the Laboratory handles all the fingerprint-related services as identification of fingerprints, their pattern, and development on various surfaces, lifting and collecting fingerprints and other such equivalent prints from the scene of crime. Besides fingerprint examination and identification, we also extend our fingerprinting services for Visa, Immigration and PCC purposes.

Since last decade, we have been providing our fast, reliable and error-free fingerprinting services to our esteemed clients. We are known to serve with highly professional services providing excellent-quality ink-fingerprinting method and Live-scan/ Digital fingerprinting method. Our laboratory is well-equipped with all the necessary tools, and our experts are very well-aware of all the recent and advanced techniques, and all the related methods employed for deciphering and developing the fingerprints from a scene of crime. The science of fingerprint rests upon the fact that, “No two individuals possess alike fingerprint, not even the identical twins”. Thus, is considered the most reliable and unique method of identification.

 Our dedication and commitment towards the objective of providing our clients an excellent and satisfactory services has earned us a list of confidential clients, who show their complete faith in our outstanding amenities.

Our methodology for the application of the science of fingerprint includes a sequential protocol that is followed while performing a thorough examination of the fingerprint. A different methodological process is followed depending upon the type of case involved.

In the cases related to deciphering of fingerprints from the scene of crime, the crime scene is visited first and then the possible areas that are suspected to bear the latent fingerprint are collected and then after, the latent print is made visible using various powders. Finally, the preservation process is carried out by lifting and photographing, as the fingerprint is to be used in future for further legal proceedings. Similarly, in the cases pertaining to wills, agreements or any other such property related document; the fingerprint sample which is considered to be under suspicion is compared to the submitted or admitted sample. Lastly, the comparative study is carried out stating the class and individual characteristics of each print discretely.

Fingerprint Matching services deals with the matching of two fingerprints, of which one being suspected and the other being an admitted sample. Since ages, fingerprint matching encompasses cases like Will fraud, cheque fraud, property papers, attendance sheets etc. The examination of fingerprints for matching purposes necessitates the comparison of several features of the fingerprint pattern. These features refer to ridges, and minutia points, which are unique within the patterns all over the world.

Lifting of Fingerprint services deals with the lifting of latent prints, which can be possibly discovered at a scene of crime. This process is done to ensure the safety of the fragile prints, so that they can be used in future for further legal proceedings. It is a vital part of several cases as theft, robbery etc.

Fingerprint Examination remains a tremendously valuable tool for law enforcement. One of the most vital uses for fingerprints is to help investigators link one crime scene to another involving the same person.

Latent Fingerprint Development and Examination Fingerprint lifting is a delicate process and should be handled by trained experts to ensure that the print is not damaged or smudged due to the developing and lifting process through powder method, iodine fuming method, Ninhydrin method, cyanoacrylate method etc. When a fingerprint is developed and lifted properly, it can be used as evidence in court for a wide variety of cases and to take voluntary elimination prints from probable suspects and compare the prints.

Fingerprint for Visa/ Immigration/ PCC This section of Laboratory handles all the PCC/ Visa/ Immigration related queries. We provide excellent fingerprinting services to our clients who urge for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from different countries with a zero-error assurance. 

Magnifying lens  is basically used to see the enlarged ridge details present in a fingerprint. The developed and lifted samples are compared to the admitted samples side by side, followed by the report writing of the related case.

Stereomicroscope also serve the purpose of viewing the enlarged details of the ridge minutae’s.

Fingerprint lifting powders are black powder, fluorescent powders, and magnetic powder. These powders are employed to lift delicate latent prints from various substances and surfaces.

Brushes are used to spread the powders evenly on the concerned surfaces. This even distribution aids in adherence of the powder particle to the skin secretions that comprise a latent print.

Tapes are used to lift the fingerprint for preservation purposes after the development of the latent print has been done through. The tapes employed are of different sizes.

Fingerprint Kit comprises of all the tools and equipment used in taking, developing and lifting fingerprints. The basis constituents of a fingerprint kit are: fingerprint slab, roller, fingerprint ink, fingerprint cards, brushes, tapes, lenses of different kind and developing powders.

Chemicals commonly employed to serve the purpose of development of fingerprint on various porous and non-porous substances. The chemicals normally used are- ninhydrin, cyanoacrylate, and iodine fuming.

FD-258 card is used to take rolled fingerprints in order to obtain PCC from FBI. This is the standard card which is acceptable by FBI. All details of the concerned person, like name, second name, height, weight, eye colour, hair colour etc. are detailed in the card along with the ink fingerprints.

Fingerprint scanner or Live-scan is a machine used to record fingerprints mechanically. Live-scan fingerprints are recorded and accepted in certain countries, and we provide high-quality digital fingerprinting in our laboratory.

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