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Process involvingscientific investigation, analysis and inferences regarding causes duringcollision of the vehicle is known as vehicular accident reconstruction. Ourorganization complete this process of accident reconstruction based on thefollowing: - 

  • Identification of the condition of the vehicle,
  • Detailed scene investigation.
  • Determination of type and location of impactdebris found at the scene,
  • Examination of depth of impact damage on thevehicle as well as other damaged objects in the nearby area,
  • Examination of vehicle-to-vehicle orvehicle-to-object contact marks such as paint marks,
  • Examination of the scene to attain measurementsfor scale drawing,
  • Interpretation of behavior of persons andvehicles involved,
  • Interpretation of glass fracture present,
  • Examination of vehicle light bulbs,
  • Analysis and interpretation of CCTV evidence,
  • Examination of quality of repairs,
  • Analysis of speed,
  • Interpretation of the wounds and damage occurredto any person related to accident,
  • Examination and usage of seat belt,
  • Examination of air bags,
  • Interpretation of statements given by policeofficers and witnesses,
  • Examination of low and high speed accidents,
  • Determination of cause of failure,
  • Analysis and Interpretation of tyre marks,
  • Inspection of roll-over of heavy goods vehicles.