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Our audio and video verification services include examining the audio/video recordings for tamperings, such as addition or deletion from the original file. Audio/videos may be recorded in mobile phones, sound recorders, microphones, spy cameras, CCTV cameras, etc. They are essential and reliable evidence in civil or criminal cases and police investigations. But they can be easily tampered with and are often done. Our organization can help you to prove the authenticity of the recording.

Services Our Organization Provides:

  • Enhancement of audio recordings
  • Enhancement of video recordings
  • Authentication of call recordings and any other audio recordings
  • Extraction of video evidence from CCTV footage
  • Authentication of CCTV footage
  • Verification of video recording of sting operations
  • Checking for the presence of any tampering in the audio/video recording
  • Checking for any addition or deletion from the original file
  • Checking for any manipulations or doctoring in the audio/video recordings

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