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Sifs India

Verifying the authenticity of certificates issued by a university orschools are a very daunting task for forensic experts. SIFS INDIA is providingcertification verification services to their venerated clients at an affordableprice since many years. We assist different schools, colleges, and a universityin accomplishing the certificate verification process to determine theauthenticity of certificates through various scientific methods in a lawfulmanner. Our Professional ensures the legitimacy and authenticity of thecertificate submitted for verification.

  • Birth Certification Verification.
  • Caste Certificate Verification.
  • Colleges Marksheet Verification.
  • Company Document & Certificate Verification.
  • Death Certification Verification.
  • Degree Verification.
  • Experience Certificate Verification.
  • Migration Certificate Verification.
  • Schools Mark sheets Verification.
  • Transcript Verification.