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Sifs India

SIFS INDIA is one of the leadingcompany betrothed in providing counselling and recruitment services, since morethe 13 years to their clientele. Our qualified and skilled experts provideend-to-end examination and verification of the provided information beforepreparing the report. Our only aim is to unearth all the required details, justto verify the veracity and legitimacy of the provided candidature information.We provide cost-effective service to all enterprises so that you ensure thatyou are not going to a person who is not fit for your workplace. Companies areusing our reports as a means of authenticating and evaluating the identity ofthe applicant. 

  • Academic Document Authenticity
  • Academic Records Verification
  • Address Proof Verification
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Check
  • Certificate and Marksheet Verification
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Employee’s Identity Verification
  • Employment and Pre-employment Verification
  • Experience Verification
  • Financial Background Check
  • Fingerprint Verification
  • Handwriting and Signature Verification
  • Police Record Check
  • Reference Verification
  • Social and Family Record Check