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Crime scene investigation involves using evidence at the crime scene accompanied with detective and inductive thinking to pick up information of the occasions encompassing the crime. A crime scene examination is multidisciplinary and includes a detailed look of the crime scene, fastidious perception, and documentation of the scene, photography and outlining of the scene, the recognizable proof, handling, and collection of physical evidence such as fingerprints, footwear impressions, hair, strands, natural liquids, and materials for DNA investigation, accident investigation, and reconstruction, etc.

Services Our Organization Provides:

  • Trace evidence analysis
  • Evidence collection
  • Reconstruction of the crime scene
  • Accident investigation and reconstruction
  • Investigation of rape and murder cases
  • Suicide and homicide cases
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Infanticide investigation
  • Investigation of hit and run cases
  • Crime scene photography
  • Sketching of the crime scene
  • Videography of the crime scene
  • Crime scene documentation
  • Crime scene preservation
  • Fire forensic investigation
  • Shooting incident reconstruction
  • Tool marks examination
  • Drug analysis
  • Physical impression and footwear analysis
  • Fingerprint lifting from the crime scene 
  • Digital evidence collection from the crime scene
  • Collection of physical evidence like broken glass pieces, bullet cartridges, etc.
  • Collection of biological evidence like semen, blood, hair, and other biological fluids
  • Collection of chemical evidence like inflammable materials, bhang or any drugs, etc.