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Data theft is an act of stealing sensitive, secured and confidential information by cybercriminals with the intent to breach your privacy. It is also termed Data Breach, Data Leak, or Data Spill, and this growing phenomenon needs to be controlled. Common cases regarding data theft include Employee Policy Violations, Insider Threats, Credit Card Breaches, Electronic Discovery, Malware Outbreaks, etc.

Services our Organization Provides:

  • Detection and analysis of social engineering attacks
  • Restoration of lost data
  • Analysis of webcam scams and net banking
  • Providing disaster recovery management
  • Cloning of hard drive
  • Examination of attacks, viruses, worms, etc.
  • Cyber spying
  • Employee monitoring
  • Providing data backup management
  • Establishment and analysis of source and IP address of emails
  • Testing of web penetration
  • Providing incident response and management
  • Execution of a solid web application security program
  • Detection of attackers
  • Detection of weak passwords
  • Provide solutions for identity protection
  • Analysis of blacklisted search engines
  • Detection of denial of service attack
  • Analysis of Malware and Spyware,
  • Forensic investigation of mobile and related devices
  • Provide solutions for the protection of data loss
  • Implement encryption of mobile devices and hard drives.
  • Establishment of the authenticity of email on the server and in backup files
  • Update Anti-virus and Anti-spam software
  • An examination of data leak penetration
  • Detection of Key Logger
  • Permit 2-factor authentications whenever possible
  • Provide remediation for protection of email data