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Facial composites are the most frequently used and widely recognized facial identification tool used by law enforcement.

Our forensic artists use digital tools and specialized software to create traditional freehand facial composite sketches. Using information provided by the eyewitness we can quickly create an effective sketch that may be used during an investigation.

Investigators are provided with a self-guided eyewitness interview worksheet specially designed for composite sketch interviews. The worksheet is used to help maximize eyewitness memory.

Our experts use the information provided by the eyewitness to create a digital facial composite. In some cases, the artist will use CCTV images to assist as a supplemental resource. Using our digital solution greatly reduces the turnaround time when a sketch is needed during critical investigations.

Those who prefer a software-driven approach may now create their own facial composites. SIFS is an authorized reseller and training partner for SketchCop® SolutionsSketchCop®Facial Composite System Software.

Creating facial composites during criminal investigations will help increase the opportunity for a criminal to be identified and greatly reduce law enforcement’s investigative cycle time.

If you would like to hire us to create a digital facial composite or to receive a demonstration of SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software, please contact us.