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Sifs India

The originality or genuineness of any document ascertains it to be authentic. Document analysis includes analyzing those documents whose authenticity is in dispute. It could be a cheque, bill, passport, sale deed, anonymous letter, currency note, mark sheet, etc.

Services Our Organization Provides:

  • Handwriting identification to determine authenticity
  • Signature examination to determine authenticity
  • Paper quality examination
  • Detection of type of document (original, scanned, or photocopied)
  • Disputed and non-disputed document comparison
  • Stamps’ examination
  • Detection of forged and disguised handwriting and signatures to determine their authenticity
  • Comparison between genuine and fake stamps
  • Examination of security features present in the documents, like passport, cheques, etc.
  • Detection of counterfeit currency notes
  • Certificates’ examination
  • Blurred documents enhancement and restoration
  • Determination of sequence of writings,
  • Detection and analysis of indented writing impressions on documents produced from different documents
  • Identifications on interpolations (alterations)
  • Reconstruction of shredded, torn, and charred documents
  • Examination and authenticity of partially burnt and charred documents
  • Decipherment of erasures and obliterations
  • Examination of substitution of pages within documents
  • Resolution of inter and intra distance of letters, words, and lines
  • Examination of spacing from the margin
  • Analysis of the alignment of the content
  • Forensic photography of the documents
  • Examination of anonymous letters
  • Evaluation of scaling factor
  • Examination of punch marks, fold marks, U-Clip marks, and Staple marks