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The originalityor genuineness of any document ascertains it to be Authentic in nature.Analysis of documents includes those documents whose authenticity is in disputeand these documents could be a cheque, bill, passport, sale deed, anonymousletter, currency note, mark sheet, etc. Following are the services provided byour organization which aid in solving cases related to DocumentAuthenticity:- 

  • Identification of Handwriting to determineauthenticity,
  • Examination of Signature to determineauthenticity,
  • Examination of Paper Quality,
  • Detection of Type of document (Original, Scannedor Photocopied),
  • Comparison between Disputed and Non-disputeddocument,
  • Examination of Stamps,
  • Detection of Forged as well as DisguisedHandwriting and Signatures to determine their authenticity,
  • Comparison between Genuine and Fake Stamps,
  • Examination of Security features present in thedocuments like Passport, Cheques, etc.,
  • Detection of Counterfeit Currency Notes,
  • Examination of Certificates,
  • Enhancement as well as Restoration of Blurreddocuments,
  • Determination of Sequence of writings,
  • Detection and Analysis of Indented writingimpressions on documents produced from different documents,
  • Identifications on Interpolations (Alterations),
  • Reconstruction of Shredded, Torn and Charreddocuments,
  • Examination and Authenticity of Partially Burnedand Charred documents,
  • Decipherment of Erasures and Obliterations,
  • Examination of Substitution of pages withindocuments,
  • Resolution of Inter and Intra distance ofletters, words and lines,
  • Examination of Spacing from the margin,
  • Analysis of the Alignment of the content,
  • Forensic Photography of the documents,
  • Examination of Anonymous letters,
  • Evaluation of Scaling factor,
  • Examination of Punch marks, Fold marks, U-Clipmarks and Staple marks.