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Sifs India

EmploymentVerification is important for maintaining workplace safety. After understandingthe Indian business dynamics, SIFS INDIA has lent a hand to several leadingcompanies in eliminating the verification workload and improving theproductivity of the employers. We provide cost-effective & comprehensiveprofiling services to our clientele that equip them in sound hiring decisionsand even reduce the administrative costs. The reports of employee verificationprovided by our experts are used by the companies as a means of authenticatingand objectively evaluating the identity of an individual. 

  • Academic Verification
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Check
  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Verification – Court
  • Criminal Verification – Police
  • CV Validation
  • Employment History Check
  • Fingerprinting
  • Form 16 Verification
  • Gap Verification
  • Global Database Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • Integrity Check
  • License Check
  • Neighbour Check
  • Permanent & Present Address Verification
  • Personal ID Check
  • Pre-Employment Verification
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Psychometric Check
  • Social Media Profiling
  • Financial Records
  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • Sanction Lists