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We provideservices in development and lifting of fingerprint present on porous andnon-porous surfaces from the crime scene. The development of fingerprint can be done on the surfaces like glass,table, ashtray, bottle, any weapon etc. The fingerprint development requirevarious techniques i.e. powder method and chemical method with involvement ofproper material and methodology for up to the mark collection of fingerprintevidence from the crime scene. 

  • Lifting of fingerprints from crime scene,
  • Examination of fingerprints on crime scene,
  • Development of invisible or partially visiblefingerprints,
  • Development of fingerprints from objects ordocuments,
  • Development of fingerprints from photographs,
  • Lifting Fingerprints, footprint from Scratches,glasses, surface,
  • Examination of fingerprint,
  • Development of fingerprint from paper,