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We impart services in fingerprint matching so as to decipher the individuality of the unknown and suspicious fingerprint. The fingerprinting matching is performed for various cases like fingerprint present on any will, bank documents, affidavit etc. The method used for the matching of fingerprint was done with one on one comparison with the help of highly equipped materials. The examination of matching is done both on completely visible fingerprint or partially smudged fingerprints as well.

  • Taking fingerprints for comparison from court purpose,
  • Fingerprints comparison from documents,
  • Fingerprint matching from court documents,
  • Forensic photography of the fingerprint from court file,
  • Recording of finger prints for verification purposes,
  • Examination of thumb impression or fingerprint on Will, Agreement, Sale Deed, Government Registry,
  • Verification of the antecedents of domestic help,
  • Recording of the finger prints of security staff and venders, probable visitors to the society and their antecedents verification,