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Sifs India

Our organization, Real Scan Biometrics, provides Police Clearance Certificate services for visa and immigration purposes. Depending upon the individual's destination, rolled fingerprint impressions are taken on different types of fingerprint cards, such as FD-258 for FBI, C-216C for Canada, SAPS 91(a) for South Africa, etc. Our organization has a branch in each Indian state and provides excellent fingerprint services.

Services Our Organization Provides:

  • Rolled Fingerprints Impression for Police Clearance Certificate for all countries
  • Rolled Fingerprints Impression on the FD-258 Fingerprint Cards for FBI
  • Rolled Fingerprints Impression on C-216C fingerprint cards for Canada
  • Rolled Fingerprints Impression on SAPS 91(a) fingerprint cards for South Africa
  • Rolled fingerprints impressions for attestation from MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)