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The debris or evidence obtained from fire scenefor laboratory examination is known as fire debris. It is a fact that fire candestroy most of its own evidence so it is crucial to analyze the fire debris inorder to provide effective opinion. Following are the services provided by ourorganization to solve cases encompassing commercial vehicles, private vehicles,both including two and more than two wheelers and also property losses:-  

  • Detection of the type of debris available,
  • Identification of charred or burned constituents,
  • Visual examination of partially burned orcharred materials under visible, UV or IR light,
  • Establishment of connection between a burnedmaterial with the incident scene,
  • Reconstruction of partially charred documents,
  • Analysis of the condition of wiring and itscontribution to fire,
  • Establishment of whether a wire was melted byoverheating due to excessive current or by the heat of fire,
  • Establishment of whether glass pieces are brokenby mechanical or thermal shock,
  • Identification of volatile residues.