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The process of rapid oxidation along with evolution of heat and light is defined as Fire. Determination of where, when and how a fire initiated ultimately leads to the point of origin and cause of fire which can be aided using a detailed methodological approach. Following are the services provided by our organization to solve cases encompassing commercial vehicles, private vehicles, both including two and more than two wheelers and also property losses:- 

  • Detailed inspection of the entire scene of incidence,
  • Identification of faulty construction or wiring,
  • Determination of causation and spread of fire,
  • Detection of area of heaviest fire damage,
  • Evaluation of fire conditions and patterns,
  • Examination of potential ignition sources,
  • Determination of degree of human intervention,
  • Collection of fire debris,
  • External and internal examination of the vehicle or building,
  • Chemical examination of volatile evidences collected from incident scene