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DNA profiling isa forensic technique in criminalinvestigations, comparing criminal suspects profiles to DNAevidence so as to assess the likely hood of their involvement in the crimecases like murder, accidents, burglary, sexual abuse, child abuse, etc. is donefrom floor, walls, clothes of victim and suspects, weapons, other belongings.This examination to  identify thesuspected  in order to determine theirpresence at the crime scene with the help of blood stain, semen stain, saliva,hair, bone, teeth, vaginal secretion, etc.

  • DNA Profiling for paternity testing.
  • DNA Profiling for immigration and emigrationcases.
  • To determine the present of barr bodies or Ychromatin.
  • To determine the mitochondrial DNA analysis.
  • Paternity testing and proving family ancestry.
  • To determine the evolution and ancestry.
  • To determine the inherited disorders.
  • Identify the missing person.
  • To identify the paternity and maternity.
  • To identify the genetic reconstruction.
  • To determine the matching suspected withevidence.
  • Child molestation.
  • Mass disasters investigation.
  • Protecting the innocents.