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Hair analysis hastraditionally been used in forensics science. Analysts examine a number ofdifferent characteristics of hair sample under a microscope, usually comparinghair taken from a crime scene which may be home, vehicle or from any content ofthe suspect, to a known sample. Hair is acknowledged as such an exhibit, whichhas greater chances of exchange during any crime, such as murder, sexualoffense, accidents, theft, etc.

  • Is the detected material hair or not.
  • If hair is it human or animal.
  • To determine the physical properties of hair.
  • Is the hair related to a certain person.
  • Form what part of the body it originates.
  • The manner by which the hair has been separatedfrom the body.
  • Tip examination.
  • What is the race of the person from whom thehair was separated.
  • To determine the origin of hair.
  • To extract DNA from the suspected hair sample toknown hair sample.
  • To compare a suspected hair sample to a knownhair sample.
  • Examination the hair found in the hand of akilled person.
  • Examination the hair found sticking to suspectedinstruments.
  • Examination of victim hair may be found upon thevehicle involved in the accident