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Handwritingexamination is the scientific examination of disputed documents and encompassesvarious documents such as wills, agreements, sale deeds, cheques, fake marksheets, ransom notes, promissory notes, suicide or anonymous letters, contractletters, etc. Handwriting examination of these documents depends upon thefollowing services provided-

  • Comparison between the genuine and disputed handwriting samples,
  • Establishment of authorship,
  • Identification of the document (photocopy, scanned or original)
  • Detection of type of forgery,
  • Examination of disguised writings,
  • Forensic Photography of the documents,
  • Elimination of Innocent individuals,
  • Content Scaling from the Margin,
  • Decipherment of Erasures/Obliteration,
  • Examination of Alteration, Deletion and Addition of the content in the documents,
  • Identification of the indentation and overwriting,
  • Evaluation of Spacing Factor,
  • Resolution of Inter and Intra Distance
  • Characterization of the letters or the words