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Postmortem Facial Imaging is a process of using a software-driven solution to create the faces of unidentified human remains. During this process, the forensic facial imaging experts combine their skills with digital tools to develop media-ready images that law enforcement investigators and other organizations can use to generate leads about the person’s identity.

There are two popular methods for creating postmortem images described below. Both have proven to be effective in helping solve cold-case murders and suspicious or unattended deaths. Do consult our experts on which technique will best serve your case.

Facial approximation/skull reconstruction: Soft-tissue/landmark facial features are constructed onto a skull to approximate the facial appearance of an unidentified deceased person as they may have appeared in life.

When supplemented with the latest DNA technology information, the facial approximation becomes even more powerful identification tool.

Our forensic facial imaging experts blend traditional illustration techniques with the latest available photo-editing and 3-D sculpting software. Using information supplied by medical experts and scientists, we can approximate a person’s appearance in both two-dimensional (from skull photographs) and three-dimensional formats (3D laser scanning or CT scan files.)

Post-mortem identification: It involves repairing of photographs of an unknown deceased person with soft-tissue trauma or other facial injuries by our forensic facial imaging experts. Traditional illustration techniques are blended with popular photo-editing software programs. Now, law enforcement agencies can have media-ready facial images that can help lead to an identification.

To make your images ready for public/media release, our forensic facial imaging experts will:

  • Repair traumatic injury (soft-tissue damage)
  • Reconstruct/repair landmark facial features
  • Open the eyes
  • Fix hairstyles
  • Add clothing

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