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Theprocess of rapid oxidation along with evolution of heat and lightis defined as Fire. Following are the services provided by our organization tosolve cases related to fire in factories, plants, commercial buildings, houses,etc. due to faulty appliances, electrical failures, space heaters, outdatedwirings and other deliberate or accidental causes:- 

  • Detailed inspection of the entire scene ofincidence.
  • Establishment of sequence of events during theincidence,
  • Examination of complex products to evaluate theirinvolvement in fire causation,
  • Detection of multiple points of origin of fire,
  • Analysis of fire pattern.
  • Detection of any abnormality in the fire pattern,
  • Identification of faulty appliances and theirrole in fire causation,
  • Determination of causation and spread of fire,
  • Detailed examination of burned and charred wallsor portions of incident place,
  • Detection of area of heaviest fire damage,
  • Analysis of electrical malfunction or failure,
  • Examination of potential ignition sources,
  • Determination of degree of human intervention,
  • Analysis of any equipment, chemicals or othersuspicious items at the incident place,
  • Detection of presence of accelerants,
  • Detailed assessment of all evidences such asoral, written statements, photographic evidences, etc.,
  • Collection of fire debris,
  • Chemical examination of volatile evidencescollected from incident scene,
  • Analysis of condition of windows and doorsduring the incidence.