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An eccentric modulation of letters which defines identity of a person, is termed as signature; a powerful tool to stipulate an extensive authorization of a document such as loan documents, legal contracts, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, property papers (wills), suicide notes, medical records, academic records, cheques, insurance claim papers etc. therefore it requires different parameters for examination depending upon the nature of document.

Services for signature frauds are provided by our expert to banks, insurance claimers, employee verification, identity verification, education verification, document verification, contract disputes and many more.

Signature verification services-

  • Signature fraud examination like traced, disguised, free hand, guided forgery and electronic transplanted signature.
  • Forgery Detection
  • Identification of the document (original, photocopy, scanned)
  • Comparison between the admitted and disputed signatures.
  • Forensic photography of the document (under UV and visible lights)
  • Digital and Hard copy signature analysis.
  • Examination of documents like wills, receipt, agreement, contract, letters etc.
  • Microscopic Examination