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The main motiveof forensic tool mark analysis is to recognize tool by which tool mark iscreated on surface at crime scene. Actually every tool leaves unique mark whencomes in contact with a surface with a sufficient pressure. It includes firearmidentification, forensic key examination, reconstruction of crime scene etc. Inthe analysis of tool mark, there are some parameters such as - Forensicphotography, comparison microscopic examination, measurement (length, width,height of tool marks) etc.

  • Reconstruction of crime scene in cases ofvehicle accident.
  • Distinguish between intentional and genuinestriation marks on blade of key sample.
  • Count the number of Land and groove marksof bullets.
  • Evaluation of direction and impact of pressurein accidental cases.
  • Comparison between suspected bullet andquestioned bullet found at crime scene.
  • Breech face mark analysis.
  • Examination of Firing Pin impression.
  • Forensic Photography.
  • Analysis of Extractor marks and Ejector marks.