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Vehicle fire examination requiresbroad information and it is a detailed handle to discover out the cause andorigin of fire within the vehicle. Within the vehicle fire examination wereview the fire damages and burn patterns to recognize the root cause of thefire, further continue for the area of beginning of fire for an start sourcelike electrical or mechanical components taken after by examination ofcombustible materials, such as flammable liquids, accelerants or any mediumwhich able to light and escalating the fire within the vehicle.

  • Fire Forensic Investigation of the vehicles like car, bus, bike etc.
  • Rapid Response scene and Vehicle Inspection
  • Mechanical Vehicle Inspection (Post fire Mechanical Evolution)
  • Vehicle Identification through the chassis no.
  • Fire Pattern Analysis
  • Collection of Burnt Debris from the vehicle to conduct the chemical examination
  • Owner Liability
  • Explosion Investigation
  • Cause of Fire
  • Origin of Fire
  • Electrical Wire Forensic Test
  • Goods sampling/ Lab test