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Our Alliances

Our Alliances

Our alliance is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit. Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose. We have National as well as International business partner to achieve best forensic services across the globe.

    Leddy Consultancy Ltd Leddy Consultancy Ltd is the Ireland leading practicing pharmacist. They write expert witness reports for criminal, civil, medical negligence and fitness to practice cases. They also able to attend Courts or Hearings anywhere in the World either in person or by tele-link. They discuss these with client on a case by case basis. They jointly with SIFS INDIA started many Forensic Professional Courses and services in European Union. LCL service includes : 24/7 Phone Support Expert information from a highly qualified pharmaceutical professional. Access to our drug information database, which includes accurate and expertly compiled toxicology information. Available as a drug expert witness for any court proceedings. Available to provide written follow up reports if required.

    Forensic Digital Examiners Association Forensic Digital Examiners Association (FODEA) is the leading Forensic Science Service provider in the country. We are the first Forensic Organization with the 1st LAB in Nigeria. FODEA is also the first Forensic outfit authorized for FBI Fingerprints-FD-258 in Nigeria. Our competency is evident in the testimonies of our students and clients. Our professionals have many years of industry experience in handling financial frauds, fingerprints examination, Intelligence gathering, cyber and digital crimes investigation, sexual assault and other numerous security related training and cases within and outside Nigeria. FODEA is known for parading solid team of qualified and highly acclaimed Forensic Experts. FODEA technical partners in London are the leaders of the industry.

    MCREED Forensic International Limited MCREED FORENSIC International ltd is foreign partners-consulting of professionals who specialize in investigating economic, political and social crimes and providing advice on fraud risk management to various types of organizations. MCREED FORENSIC International ltd is based in Nigeria and closely aligned to the global network of the foreign professional partners, thus able to facilitate specific cross-border services covering Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and the Americas. Crime and or Corruption are an issue that has become increasingly prominent in the Nigerian public’s attention over recent years. As business expands across borders there is a steep learning curve as they encounter and adjust to new culture and legal environments. This, combined with the endeavor to increase transparency and thereby engender trust and encourage investment, means that the focus of the Board in many companies is turning to the development of policies to increase corporate governance and mitigate the risks of economic crime.

    Centre For Edu Development & Planning Centre for Educational Development and Planning (CEDEP) is an Educational Institution registered and recognized by the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja. Government at all levels (Federal, State and local), corporate organizations and individuals have without doubt contributed immensely toward the growth and development of the economy and particularly the education sector. In response to this laudable feat, CEDEP saw the need to put resources together to form a CONSORTIUM on HUMAN RESOURCES and PLANNING to manage the affairs of all the sectors of the African Economy with special reference to education. Therefore, developing an effective and efficient planners and managers that can manage our schools and educational Institutions through continuing Education, Research, Human Development, Training and Re-training as well as modern information dissemination technology becomes imperative.

    The Forensics Network International Ltd The FNI was established in Ghana by Pet-Paul Wepeba, a Forensic Science Consultant with a lot of rich experience in Ghana and overseas. He is the first and only Ghanaian to have won a first prize in an International Forensic Science Conference with his research entitled “the effect of high temperature on latent fingerprint and DNA recovery” in 2012. The company has now grown through consultants with years of experience and training all over the globe and a huge network of national and international, skilled professionals. This broad assemblage of experts and scientists is at the heart of The Forensics Network International Ltd and permit us to offer you with in all probability the broadest album of independent forensic science skills available in Ghana, Africa and beyond and it is still embryonic

    National PG College, Lucknow National Post Graduate College, established in the year 1974 by the Chief-minister of Uttar Pradesh, late Shri Chandra Bhanu Gupta. The College is situated on the bank of river Gomti. The college has lush green surroundings. National Post Graduate College is The only Autonomous College of Lucknow University.The College offers under-graduate and post-graduate courses in Arts and Commerce faculties and under-graduate courses in Science and Computer faculties. The college has well equipped Laboratories in all the faculties.The Library well arranged and besides text books latest edition of reference books are available , Journals and other papers are continuously being added to the research section. In keeping with the modern digital technology and computer education, the college has computer has a computer training center with latest hardware configuration and software.The campus has also being transformed into a Wi-Fi campus.