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SIFSINDIA is provide full fledge cyber forensic and IT web security service. Our expert team of certified ethical hacker, and network expert are capable anough to find out any backdoor/loop-hole in web/network and resolve them from any cyber-attack. Today, risks and threats of hacking so high because of some unforced error and loop-hole left by website developers or network expert or by hosting for provider your secret information and IT infrastructure come from everywhere, both inside and outside your organization. The best counter attack to tackle these threats is a complete information security strategy and proper implementation. Our cyber team minimize the risk of untrusted attack and maximize the security parameters that are unable to crack the network and many more.. Reports not available for: Ink Age, Paper Age, Age of Writing, Voice Matching etc... You can submit your case either by email ( or by visiting our lab, SIFS INDIA Pvt Ltd. If there is a need to do the photography of the document which are present in the court then our expert will visit to the court for the photography. After that the further process of making the report will continue. We also get the cases directly from the Court.

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    Our organisation provide the services in various web security fields that deals with the virus attack, bot attacks, security from the hackers, identity theft protection etc. in order to secure or protect the personal identity of the person. Examination of the virus, worm, attacks Analysis of the cyber and bot attack Examination of the hackers Data leak penetration examinationa Anti-virus and anti-spam updation Real-time security reporting and analysis Examination of the search engine blacklists

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