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SIFS India Forensic Science Laboratory

SIFS INDIA is leading independent private forensic science lab, duly registered with Government of India (MCA, Govt. of India) and an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation which provides various type of legally requisite expert services by accredited forensic experts to individuals and organizations, civilizations directly without the referal of the Police or Courts in Pune Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur, Udaipur India services i.e. Handwriting expert, signature verification and analysis, fingerprint expert, Investigations, Education, Research, Security Services, cybercrime investigation, criminal cases,crime prevention, DNA Test, private detective, Scientific equipments etc.

SIFS INDIA has a team of qualified forensic experts, who have solved and given opinion on many cases like- Questioned Document examination, Handwriting analysis, Signature verification, Fingerprint comparison, Fraud detection, Document Forgeries, signatures comparison, fraudulent additions, deletions and alterations, anonymous letters report, Fingerprint fraud detection, Fingerprint for Visa/ Immigration purpose, Employee background checkup and verification, Various Security Cards Preparation etc.

    • questioned document examination Document Examination We provides Alteration, substitution, insertion, deletion, Addition in the documents, Examination of printed matter & best Signature Verification questioned document analysis.

    • questioned document examination Fingerprint Analysis We are known to provide supreme fingerprinting to our clients with quality and very easily approachable services irrespective of the time and distance issues at very lowest cost.

    • questioned document examination Cyber Forensics Investigation Our Cyber Forensic Investigation services gets by well expertise experts. Our Online Courses is one of the most flexible modern learning processes to become cyber forensic expert.

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