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Welcome to SIFS India’s Forensic Investigation Services Department. Timely delivery of quality and unbiased services for over 17 years makes us your most trusted private forensic investigation service provider across the nation. 

Our commitment to excellence has helped us emerge as a leader in the forensic domain, not just in India but across borders as well. So, whether you are looking for accurate criminal investigation services, forensic analysis, or specialized forensic support, we are here to help you bring forth the truth.

Our Core Forensic Investigation Services

Crime Scene Investigation

  • Systematic crime scene investigations, including indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Proper documentation of physical evidence, environmental factors, and spatial relationships.

Evidence Collection and Preservation

  • Advanced collection and preservation forensic techniques for physical and digital evidence.
  • Maintaining the chain of custody to ensure the admissibility of evidence during legal proceedings.

Forensic Analysis

  • Use cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to interpret complex data, reconstruct events, and provide reliable opinions.
  • Follow a multi-disciplinary approach, utilizing expertise from various fields to provide an all-around understanding of the case.

Expert Testimony

  • Preparation of expert reports, presenting findings in a detailed manner for juries.
  • Skilled and well-qualified forensic experts capable of providing clear and compelling testimony in court.

Our core forensic services, combined with our extensive experience, make us your trusted partner in solving complex cases. Whether it is criminal investigations, document and fingerprint examination, cyber forensics, insurance and accounting fraud analysis, accident site reconstruction, biological evidence examination, or specialized forensic support, our Forensic Investigation Department is equipped to provide unmatched services across various domains.

Why Choose Our Forensic Investigation Services?

Robust Experience: With the experience of several years and a team of skilled forensic experts, we have successfully solved a vast number of forgery cases, thereby establishing our reputation as one of the top forensic companies in India. 

Extensive Services: Our forensic investigation services cover a wide range of services, with a specialization in criminal investigation services, fingerprint and questioned document forensic analysis, cyber forensic investigation, insurance investigation, and more. 

Client-Centric Approach: The client's needs and satisfaction are our topmost priorities. We know the sensitivity of our work and, hence, maintain strict confidentiality throughout the investigation process. 

Cutting-Edge Technology: We use state-of-the-art forensic tools and methodologies, ensuring our forensic investigators are equipped to handle complexities related to modern crimes. 

Timely and Efficient Delivery: We know the importance of time in forensic investigations. Our team works thoroughly to provide timely and accurate services without compromising on quality. 

Expert Analysis: Our team includes skilled forensic investigators with an eye for detail. We provide expert analysis for every case that is admissible in legal proceedings. 

Global Reach: Though we operate as a private forensic investigation company in Delhi, our services extend globally. We have successfully delivered cases across borders, highlighting our expertise in handling international legal frameworks.

Connect with Our Expert Forensic Investigators 

No matter where you are located, be it in India or beyond, our Forensic Investigation Department is here to assist you. Contact us for the best and most trustworthy forensic investigation services and expert opinions that stand strong during legal proceedings. With our years of experience and expertise, we are committed to delivering justice and safeguarding your interests.

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