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Semen Examination

Semen examination services include a comprehensive analysis of semen stains or fluids found at the crime scene in cases like rape, bestiality, sodomy, or all the probable sexual assault cases to be used as biological evidence during legal proceedings.

Semen samples are a crucial piece of evidence in sexual assault investigations. So, you must look for professionals with expertise in forensic biology and DNA analysis for accurate and reliable results.

SIFS India offers a meticulous examination of biological stains collected from crime scenes from clothing, bedding, or other surfaces to determine if semen is present and DNA extraction from semen samples to compare them to known samples to identify individuals involved in crime.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Identification of Seminal Stain: Our forensic experts identify seminal stains from suspected areas using specialized techniques, crucial for locating and documenting potential evidence in sexual assault investigations.

Determining the Presence of Semen in Exhibits: We conduct an in-depth examination to determine the presence of semen in given exhibits, which can serve as crucial evidence in cases of sexual assault.

DNA Extraction from Questioned Seminal Stain/Fluid: We specialize in obtaining genetic material from questioned seminal stains and fluids for accurate DNA profiling in sexual assault investigations.

DNA Profiling for Comparative Examination: We conduct a thorough DNA profiling of genetic markers for comparative examination to accurately identify and link genetic material from the questioned seminal stain or fluid to potential suspects.

Report Writing & Expert Opinion: Our reports provide detailed analysis with expert opinions on seminal stain examination and DNA profiling, supporting expert opinions in legal proceedings.

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