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SIFS INDIA reserves the right to change prices, to cancel, alter or update services to amend timetables at any time prior to allotment and to make additions or amendments to these terms and conditions without notifying you.

Clients are requested to take a few moments to read the following terms and conditions prior engaging in any service via this website. These terms and conditions govern the use of this website.

Should you have any questions or wish to clarify the meaning of any of these terms and conditions, please contact us at

Institute Statutes, Regulations and Policies

By paying your service fees you agree to comply with the SIFS INDIA Statutes and Regulations and Policies as revised periodically with the Statements and Codes of Policy, Practice and Procedure which are made under them. 

Fees and Payment

Client must ensure that the Lab fees for the service and all other charges related to the service is paid by the deadline notified. SIFS INDIA will not be responsible for any non-payment even in the case of payment made by third party. SIFS INDIA reserves the right to refuse your service to the specific service if you have not paid all compulsory fees and other charges before the service commences.

Cancellation and Refund in Service

If any client can cancel his/her service before 24 hours he/she will be entitled to full refund.

Cancellation by Us

SIFS INDIA will be entitled to terminate the terms and conditions and cease to provide client with any service with immediate effect in the event if they:

A.    Fail to pay required Fees;

B.   Act in an aggressive, bullying, offensive, threatening or harassing manner towards any employee of SIFS INDIA;

C.   Cheat or plagiarise any work which the client is required to prepare or submit in connection with SIFS INDIA;

D.   Steal or act in fraudulent or deceitful manner towards SIFS INDIA or employees or any other client who may be on our premises.

E.   Intentionally or recklessly damage the property or the property of employees or other trainee attending SIFS INDIA premises;

F.   Intoxicated under alcohol or illegal drugs while on our premises;

G.   Commit any criminal offence on our premises or where the victim is our employee or trainee;

H.   Breach any of these terms and conditions.

Visual and/or Audio Recordings

SIFS INDIA may make visual and/or audio recordings of client during their service period for promotional, management or educational purposes. If you do not consent to this you must notify the lab in writing before commencement of the service .

For More Information

SIFS INDIA work for the betterment of the clients service and always look forward to improve its sevrices. Therefore, we welcome feedbacks. If you wish to provide feedback  email at Grievances are taken very seriously and will be addressed in a timely and thoughtful manner.

If you wish to change or update the data we hold about you, please e-mail at

Head Office Address:

Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science India,

2443, Hudson Lines,

Kingsway Camp, Delhi-09

“Please write the name of your service in the subject-line of your email or on the envelope”.

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