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Photograph Verification

Photograph verification services are used to authenticate the legitimacy of images and check whether they have been manipulated or tampered with. 

These services play a crucial role in establishing the authenticity of photographs in this digital era where photo editing tools come in handy with various features to easily forge the original photo.

Selecting a reliable photo verification service provider is not an easy task. You must look for professionals with expertise in forensic image analysis, knowledge of using the latest technology, and a commitment to client confidentiality.

SIFS India offers a seamless process to authenticate visual information to establish its reliability for the e-commerce industry, identity verification, and social media, along with timely delivery of the results.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Authenticity of Photograph: A comprehensive examination of submitted photographs is done to authenticate them for various purposes like identification, documentation, and verification, thereby maintaining the authenticity of visual records.

Pixel-to-Pixel Formation Verification: Submitted photographs are examined for pixel formations by scanning and comparing the foreground and background pixels.

Edited Photograph Examination: Photographs are examined to detect alterations or manipulations and verify whether the images were edited or not.

Digital Photograph Verification: Digital photographs are examined for any manipulations to authenticate their legitimacy. The process includes identifying if the image can be examined, documenting it, and finally verifying it for digital representation.

Tampering Presence Check: A thorough inspection to identify any tampering in photographs is done to check for unauthorized alterations and establish the authenticity of visual records.

CCTV Footage Picture Examination: We do expert analysis and examination of images extracted from CCTV footage for investigative and security purposes.

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