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Property Investigation

Property crime investigation support services involve meticulous examination of physical spaces and assets to detect fraudulent or disputed property. Before purchasing a property, it is essential for prospective buyers to make a thorough examination to guarantee its legitimacy, which can significantly impact the property's value.

SIFS India follows a meticulous approach to safeguarding buyers from potential risks and legal complications and provides professional assistance at each stage of the authentication process.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Authentication of Documents: We verify property-related documents that involve examining agreements, deeds, and any legal papers associated with the property to confirm their legitimacy and accuracy.

Certificate of No Encumbrance: This certificate ensures that the property is free from any legal or financial liabilities and can be transferred without any hindrances.

Assessment of Property Marketability: It involves evaluating factors like the property’s location, demand, and overall market conditions for resale or transfer.

Verification of Necessary Approvals from Authorities: It involves confirming that the property has received all requisite approvals, like construction permits and legal requirements, from local authorities.

Classification of Property Types: It includes classifying property on the basis of taxation, permissible land use, and compliance with local regulations that can impact its reliability.

Confirmation of Property Address: It involves confirming the property’s physical address with that on official documents for legal purposes.

Verification of Property Ownership: It involves confirming that the seller has legal authority to transfer ownership and that there are no disputes related to property ownership.

Comprehensive Property Survey and Valuation: It is done to gain an accurate understanding of the property's boundaries, dimensions, and fair market value to make informed investment decisions.

Examination of Property Tax and Assessment: It involves reviewing the property tax history and current assessment to understand the financial obligations associated with the property.

Investigation of Shares or Company Investments: It involves verifying the authenticity of holdings like shares in a company by examining share certificates and assessing the financial status of the involved entities.

Title Verification: It involves ensuring that there are no legal disputes or claims that could affect the property's ownership.

Scrutiny of Undisclosed Accounts: It involves the investigation of undisclosed accounts associated with the property to identify hidden financial liabilities that may impact the transaction.

Examination of Undisclosed Banking Abroad: It involves examination to decipher offshore accounts or financial transactions that may have implications for the property.

Validation of the Original Revenue Records (Patta): This is done to ensure that the property details in the government records match the information provided by the seller.

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