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Yes, forensic reports are given by our Laboratory are widely accepted in session courts, District Courts, High Courts in India

Our Forensic Expert Opinion given by qualified expert under section 45 or Indian Evidence Act which is acceptable by court of law.

Yes. SIFS INDIA is an independent private forensic science laboratory, duly registered with the Government of India and an ISO 9001:2015 & 10002:2018 certified organization.

Yes. As per requirements and with due orders given by the Honorable Court our experts are available to give the testimony.

Yes, with due maintenance of integrity; the exhibits are returned to the requesting party after testing.

Depending upon the nature of exhibits and its future requirement it is appropriately preserved.

In the subject matter of personal cases; yes, we do provide verbal opinion with the due scientific examination of the exhibit.

Yes. We charge the consultancy fee.

The analysis time varies as per the nature of exhibit and the number of cases in the respective department. Yet our efficient team put their sterling efforts to give results in the minimum number of days.

Yes, by proper authorization and ID proof proxy can collect the report.

Yes. We can share if the requesting party asks for it.

The Honorable Court, banking officials, police officials, insurance companies, govt. and semi-govt. organizations can give us cases. Also, we receive cases from our private clients.

Absolutely yes! Irrespective of the type of case and the requesting party; the highly sensitive information is kept confidential in our lab.

Yes. It can be; except in cases of handwriting sample examination wherein the original document is preferred.

We accept all the documents issued by the government.

We can not determine the exact age of the document as there's no technique available that could give the accurate age.

Yes. if there is a requirement; our expert visit the crime scene for the purpose of collection.

There is no as such limit of the time period. If the fingerprints are intact and undisturbed, then it is possible to lift them.

No. There is no as such requirement of original documents in case of fingerprint matching. The matching can be done on photocopied documents as well.

Yes. We do!

Yes, it is possible.

Yes, we do provide!

No. One year is a long time period for the investigation.

Within one week of request, the investigation procedure is completed by our expert.

Any biological sample is used for DNA extraction and examination. In case of hair sample, hair with its root is preferred as the DNA extraction from hair shaft is a bit problematic.

We do provide preliminary and confirmatory tests for blood, blood grouping, DNA extraction and analysis.

Yes, we can!

You can request by putting a query on our website or by directly calling on the provided contact numbers of our respective departments. Contact numbers are provided on the website.

Yes, they can be compared. The only thing which is required for the examination is a good quality photographs.

Yes. Appropriate samples means the good quality photographs that can be used for the purpose of comparison as the poor resolution pictures hinders the comparison. If the quality is good, appropriate results can be given on that respective sample.

Yes, it can be developed if the CCTV footage is of good quality.

Yes, we can!

Yes, we do provide whenever it is required.

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