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Handwriting Examination

Handwriting examination services involve the scientific examination of disputed documents and play a significant role, especially in legal and forensic contexts, in deciphering the hidden truth within the strokes and curves. It includes documents such as wills, agreements, sale deeds, cheques, fake mark sheets, ransom notes, promissory notes, suicide or anonymous letters, contract letters, etc.

A wide range of techniques are used by forensic document examiners to analyze and examine written documents. The primary aim is to authenticate or verify the authorship of written evidence, detect forgery, and provide expert testimony in legal proceedings.

It is essential to partner with certified and experienced forensic handwriting examiners who possess expertise in both the scientific and legal aspects of the field. You must opt to hire professionals who have a track record of successfully delivering accurate and unbiased results while adhering to ethical standards.

SIFS India is your go-to handwriting examination expert in India, with extensive experience in providing accurate and expert opinion on questioned handwritings, thereby bringing justice to the table.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Handwriting Sample Comparison: Questioned handwriting samples are compared with known ones to determine their authenticity.

Authorship Establishment: Forensic methods are used to verify the origin of documents and establish accountability in legal contexts.

Document Type Identification: Advanced techniques are used to distinguish between photocopies, scanned copies, and original documents, ensuring accurate identification for legal purposes.

Forgery Type Detection: Examining documents to detect specific types of forgery like disguised writing, traced, simulated, alterations, etc.

Disguised Writing Examination: Examining deliberately altered writings to reveal hidden information like blackmail, ransom, or anonymous letters.

Forensic Document Photography: Specialized photography techniques are used to document and analyze evidence, enhancing the accuracy of forensic investigations.

Deciphering Erasures/Obliteration: Deciphering erased or altered content to unmask the truth that lies beneath.

Content Modification Examination: Scrutinizing alterations, deletions, and additions in documents to verify authenticity.

Indentation and Overwriting Identification: Detecting and analyzing indentations and overwriting within documents to establish chronological order and authenticate information.

Spacing Factor Evaluation: Examining the spacing between characters or words in documents to understand the content structure and presentation.

Distance Resolution: Resolving inter- and intra-distances within documents to enhance accuracy in characterizing letters and words for forensic analysis.

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