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Speaker Identification & Transcript

Speaker identification & transcript services combine advanced technologies in voice recognition and transcription to compare the questioned and specimen voice samples to not only identify and authenticate speakers within audio and video content but also provide accurate transcriptions of spoken words. 

Selecting a reputable speaker identification & transcript service provider is essential for accurate results. Professionals with expertise in voice biometrics, transcription technology, and a commitment to data security and privacy should be your first choice.

SIFS India is a reputable service provider that ensures the confidentiality of the speaker identification process and provides valuable insights related to the spoken content to make it admissible during legal proceedings.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Voice Sample Comparison: We do in-depth analysis by comparing questioned voice samples to provided specimens to check if the two voices are of the same person or not for legal purposes.

Individuality Establishment in Voice Samples: Forensic analysis of the provided voice samples is done to establish the identity of the person for evidentiary purposes.

Examination of the Same Individual in Given Voice Samples: We examine given voice samples for precise identity verification and to determine if the two samples match or not and are of the same individual.

Audio File Transcription: We specialize in transcribing audio files from submitted devices or storage media and provide detailed documentation of auditory evidence to assist legal investigations.

Video File Transcription: A meticulous transcription of video files from submitted devices or storage media is done, along with proper documentation of visual evidence to support legal bodies.

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