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Vehicle Fire Examination

Vehicle fire examination services involve detailed forensic analysis of vehicles involved in fires as a result of accidents, arson, or mechanical failures.

Fire examiners use their investigative skills along with scientific methods to examine the remains of burned vehicles to determine the origin, cause, and progression of the fire for legal proceedings, insurance claims, and safety improvement initiatives.

Selecting a reliable and trusted vehicle fire examination service provider is crucial, and you must opt for professionals with expertise in fire investigation, materials science, and a commitment to following industry standards and protocols.

SIFS India provides meticulous examination of vehicle fires by studying burn patterns, fire damage progression, and identifying ignition sources to establish the sequence of events leading to the fire using material and chemical analysis methods.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Fire Forensic Investigation of Vehicles: We do in-depth analysis of fire incidents involving vehicles like cars, buses, bikes, etc., to determine the cause, origin, and pattern of the fire for legal and insurance purposes.

Rapid Response Scene and Vehicle Inspection: We specialize in conducting accident scene and vehicle inspections post-fire to accurately identify the circumstances that led to the incident.

Mechanical Vehicle Inspection (Post-Fire Mechanical Evaluation): Thorough post-fire mechanical evaluation of vehicles is done to examine components for fire-induced damages for forensic investigation, legal purposes, and insurance assessments.

Vehicle Identification Through the Chassis Number: We conduct precise vehicle identification using chassis numbers for accurate determination of the involved vehicle in fire incidents for legal and insurance documentation.

Fire Pattern Analysis: Fire patterns are comprehensively analyzed using forensic techniques to understand the progression and characteristics of the fire incident and determine the cause and origin of the fire.

Collection of Burnt Debris for Chemical Examination: We follow a systematic approach to collecting burnt debris from vehicles for chemical examination, providing insights required for accurate incident reconstruction.

Owner Liability: We do forensic analysis to determine the liability of the owner in fire incidents involving vehicles to understand factors contributing to the fire, which is necessary for legal assessments and insurance claims.

Explosion Investigation: We carry out an in-depth explosion investigation using forensic techniques to determine its causes for legal and insurance assessments and also to prevent future incidents.

Cause of Fire: A detailed analysis using forensic methods is done to determine the cause of fires in vehicles and to identify contributing factors, essential for legal investigations and insurance claim assessments.

Origin of Fire: We conduct thorough analysis to determine the fire's origin in vehicles to shed light on where the fire originated for legal investigations.

Electrical Wire Forensic Test: We specialize in doing forensic examinations of electrical wires in vehicles to determine whether electrical faults contributed to the fire or not for legal investigations and insurance assessments.

Goods Sampling/Lab Test: Sampling and lab testing of goods involved in fire incidents is done to identify materials contributing to the fire for legal assessments and insurance claim documentation.

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