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Forensic DNA Test

Forensic DNA test services include precise analysis of DNA samples obtained from crime scenes, individuals, floors, walls, the clothes of victims and suspects, weapons, and other items. This examination involves identifying unique genetic markers to establish identity, connections, and crucial details for solving criminal mysteries.

Selecting a reliable service provider is crucial, and you must look for professionals with expertise in molecular biology and forensic genetics who have a successful track record of resolving complex cases and contributing to legal proceedings.

SIFS India provides an in-depth DNA profile examination obtained from blood, semen, hair, or other biological materials to help in linking individuals to crime scenes, identify missing persons or unidentified remains by comparing DNA profiles from remains with those of potential relatives, and help in solving cold cases by analyzing new or existing evidence with advanced techniques.

Services Our Organization Provides:

DNA Profiling for Paternity Testing: Advanced DNA profiling to determine paternity is done in legal and familial contexts.

DNA Profiling for Immigration and Emigration Cases: DNA profiling services aid in establishing biological relationships for legal processes with precise genetic verification.

Determining the Presence of Barr Bodies or Y Chromatin: Our advanced DNA analysis includes determining the presence of Barr bodies or Y chromatin to gain insights into gender determination.

Determining Mitochondrial DNA Analysis: A meticulous analysis of mitochondrial DNA is done to determine ancestral information and maternal origin.

Paternity Testing and Proving Family Ancestry: DNA profiling not only confirms paternity but also establishes family ancestry, helping to understand genetic relationships within a legal and familial framework.

Determining Evolution and Ancestry: Our DNA analysis services help to determine evolution and ancestry, provide insights about genetic heritage, and contribute to anthropological and genealogical studies.

Determining Inherited Disorders: We do forensic DNA testing to identify inherited disorders for medical and legal cases, as well as for healthcare and family planning purposes.

Identifying the Missing Person: DNA profiling plays a crucial role in identifying missing persons, helping families in distress and investigators carry out missing person tasks.

Identifying Paternity and Maternity: DNA profiling helps in the precise determination of parental relationships in legal and familial contexts.

Identifying Genetic Reconstruction: The DNA testing service includes genetic reconstruction, which simplifies complex relationships and provides insights into familial connections in legal and investigative scenarios.

Determining the Matching Suspected with Evidence: DNA profiling assists in matching suspected individuals with evidence for legal investigations and proceedings.

Child Molestation: Forensic DNA testing is done to identify perpetrators and ensure justice for victims.

Mass Disasters Investigation: DNA profiling is a reliable method to identify victims of mass disaster cases, assist in disaster management, and provide relief to victims’ families.

Protecting the Innocents: We conduct DNA profiling to protect the innocent by accurately identifying the culprit.

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