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Signature Verification

Signature verification services include a range of specialized techniques employed to authenticate the legitimacy of signatures on various documents like loan documents, legal contracts, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, property papers (wills), suicide notes, medical records, academic records, cheques, insurance claim papers, etc. and require different examination parameters depending upon the nature of the document.

The need to confirm the genuineness of a signature is essential to maintaining trust and preventing fraud. Expert forensic examiners use a combination of manual and scientific methods to examine the unique features of a signature, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

If you are looking for signature verification services, it is essential to partner with accredited and experienced professionals who possess expertise in both forensic examination and technological applications.

SIFS India is your go-to service provider, known to maintain the highest standards of accuracy, confidentiality, and ethical conduct and cater to the needs of both individuals and organizations.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Signature Fraud Examinations: We offer expert analysis of traced, disguised, freehand, guided forgery, and electronic signatures to expose fraudulent activities, establishing the authenticity of your documents.

Forgery Detection Services: An in-depth examination is done to detect and prevent document forgery and protect the reliability of your important paperwork.

Document Identification: Our experts use advanced techniques to distinguish between originals, photocopies, and scans for foolproof verification.

Signature Discrepancy Analysis: A detailed and accurate comparison of admitted and disputed signatures is done using cutting-edge methods to uncover discrepancies.

Forensic Photography of Documents: Forensic photography of documents under UV and visible lights is done to capture minute details essential for thorough document examination and reveal hidden features.

Digital and Hard Copy Signature Authentication: We analyze digital and hard copy signatures to establish the reliability of electronic and physical documents through advanced signature verification methods.

Comprehensive Document Examination: In-depth examination of documents like wills, receipts, agreements, contracts, and letters is done using a systematic approach.

Microscopic Precision in Examination: We use advanced microscopic techniques for detailed examination to study even the minute features that might lead to forgery.

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