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By Bhuvaneswari.M | 16th January, 2023

Relevance of Digital Evidence in Court

The innovation of computers and digitalization is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. In th...

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By Pramod Kumar | 2nd January, 2023

Partnership Fraud

It is special area of accounting that investigates various  types of issues in business sector ...

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By Rashmi Sharma | 19th December, 2022

WANDA in Forensic Documents Examination

A desktop workbench called the WANDA system assists the user during the entire process of measuring ...

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By Ramesht Dhar Dwivedi | 21st November, 2022

Reforms in Judicial System

This text will discuss and explore the topic of Reforms in the Judicial System. This text will be co...

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By Sumit Kumar | 7th November, 2022

Social Engineering: The art of Human Hac...

Social engineering is the art of human hacking. It is a type of attack in which hackers exploit huma...

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By Khushi Kumari | 17th October, 2022

Forensic Facial Reconstruction

The amalgamation of artistry with forensic science, osteology, anatomy, and anthropology to recreate...

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By Vaishali Sinha | 19th September, 2022

Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic is found in significant concentrations in the groundwater of a number of countries. In its i...

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By Fulmita Deb | 5th September, 2022

Blasting Damages and Its Effects

Blasting is one of the popular methods of excavation in underground construction is cost-effective a...

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By Payal Dhanwani | 15th August, 2022

Eyewitnesses Memory

Eyewitness memory plays a pivotal role in many criminal trials. A substantial body of psychological ...

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By Christy Susan Thomson | 1st August, 2022

Investigation of Car Insurance Frauds

Insurance is a contract set between the insurer and the insured where the insurer compensates the in...

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By Siddharth Yelkar | 18th July, 2022

Interference Microscope in Biomedical Re...

The Interference Microscope is useful in the observation of thicker objects. Actually thicker object...

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By Surbhi Kawatra | 4th July, 2022

Firearms Ammunition : Components and Typ...

Ammunition of any firearm can be defined as the cartridge along with the projectile and the propella...

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