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Vehicle Key Forensics

Vehicle key forensics and theft investigation services involve the meticulous examination of vehicle keys and related components to determine whether the submitted keys are original or fake, to decipher key-related mysteries, and link keys to specific incidents.

Nowadays, a smart key (keyless entry) is used in several companies' models, like BMW, Audi, Bugatti, FIAT, Renault, Suzuki, and Toyota, and theft of these vehicles is frequent as they are dependent upon the sensor, which can also be hacked. In these cases, data like the VIN, make, model of the vehicle, total kilometers travelled by the vehicle, etc. stored in transponder chips is retrieved.

Forensic experts at SIFS India use advanced techniques to identify and authenticate vehicle keys found at the crime or accident scene, determine how and when the key was used, and analyze electronic components to uncover information about key access, ignition events, and other electronic interactions.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Verification and Examination of Keys: Keys are meticulously examined, including their production details, functionality, duplicacy, their relation to the corresponding lock, and whether the key belongs to the lock or not, for forensic investigations and vehicle security assessments.

Toolmarks Examination: A precise examination of tool marks on keys is done to understand the potential tampering or criminal activities related to the vehicle from a forensic perspective.

Estimated Usages of the Keys: Our experts estimate key usage to examine its usage history to track the movement of vehicles, helping law enforcement in investigations related to transportation or potential criminal activities involving vehicles.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): A VIN is an alphanumeric code that provides details about a vehicle's make, model, manufacturing year, and origin. We do a thorough VIN analysis to trace the ownership history and authenticate the vehicle's identity.

Transponder ID: Transponder IDs, integrated into electronic key components, help to understand potential security breaches or suspicious activities, key usage patterns, and the security assessment of vehicles, helping in verifying key authenticity and linking keys to specific vehicles.

Number of Keys Coded to the Vehicle: We specialize in identifying the quantity of keys programmed to a vehicle, providing insights into unauthorized key usage and potential security risks.

Studying the Last Kilometer Reading: We do an in-depth last kilometer reading examination to provide insights into a vehicle's recent usage, journey patterns, vehicle's state at the time of accident, and potential contributing factors leading to the incident, helping in event reconstruction for forensic and insurance claim assessment.

Studying the Fuel Status: Our experts examine the fuel status recorded by the vehicle key to correlate with specific incidents or activities, offering insights into the vehicle's operational history.

Vehicle Data Paired with the Previous Entry: We conduct vehicle data analysis, including information such as transponder IDs, key coding, last kilometer readings, and fuel status, to identify vehicle usage patterns for establishing potential criminal involvement.

Microscopic Examination of the Keys: Our experts conduct microscopic examination of keys to determine their usage, including wear and tear patterns, potential tampering, or alterations to uncover unauthorized use or attempts at manipulation.

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