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Fire Origin & Root Cause

Fire origin and root cause identification services include meticulous examination of fire scenes to determine not only where the fire began (origin) but also the factors that led to its ignition (root cause). 

This data helps in constructing a detailed methodological approach to solve the complexities surrounding fire incidents, which is essential for legal proceedings and insurance claims.

Selecting a reputable fire origin and root cause service provider is essential for getting reliable results, and you must look for only professionals with expertise in fire investigation, engineering, and awareness about industry standards and protocols.

SIFS India’s team of experts does a thorough investigation of the factors that contributed to the fire, like electrical faults, faulty appliances, human error, or arson, and an assessment of materials and structures affected by the fire to evaluate how the materials reacted to the fire.

Services Our Organization Provides:

Detailed Inspection of the Entire Scene: A detailed examination of the fire incident scene using forensic techniques is done to document and analyze all elements affected by and contributing to the fire for accurate incident reconstruction and legal or insurance assessments.

Identification of Faulty Construction or Wiring: We conduct an in-depth assessment of the scene to identify faulty construction or wiring and check their role in causing the fire.

Determination of Cause and Spread of Fire: We specialize in determining the factors responsible for fire ignition and spread and documenting the sequence of events for fire scene reconstruction.

Detection of Area of Heaviest Fire Damage: A thorough examination of the scene is done to identify the area that has suffered the most damage and to understand the fire's intensity and contributing factors, which are essential for legal and insurance documentation.

Evaluation of Fire Conditions and Patterns: A thorough evaluation of the fire conditions and patterns is done to understand the fire behavior and determine the root cause of the fire.

Examination of Potential Ignition Sources: An in-depth analysis of the incident scene is done to look for potential sources that might have led to the fire.

Determination of Degree of Human Intervention: Forensic analysis to determine if the cause of the fire was human-led is done to look for potential foul play for legal investigations.

Collection of Fire Debris: We collect fire debris systematically to determine the root cause of the fire and for accurate documentation of evidence.

External and Internal Investigation of the Vehicle or Building: An in-depth investigation of both external and internal aspects of vehicles or buildings is done to identify the root cause for legal and insurance purposes.

Chemical Analysis of Volatile Evidence: Forensic chemical analysis of volatile evidence collected from the fire scene is done to identify substances to determine root causes and liability.

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